Doran Engineering Consulting Services

Doran Engineering Labs can provide the following engineering services:

  • Mechanical Design Services
    Design of machinery, vehicles, and various consumer products.
    Material selection (metals, plastics, composites,  ,  ,  ).
    Manufacturing process selection, sourcing, specification, contracting, and negotiating.
    Component selection and sourcing.
    Design for manufacturing and assembly.
    2D and 3D AutoCAD and SolidWorks capabilities, and GD&T.
  • Electrical Design Services
    Circuit and circuit board design and layout.
    Motors, controls, instrumentation, batteries, and chargers.
    Wiring, harnesses, connectors.
  • Laboratory Services
    Inspections, evaluations, design review, reports.
    Failure analysis / Forensic engineering.
    Testing to failure and/or destruction.
    Energy consumption and efficiency analysis.
    Prototype build.
  • Engineering Management Services
    Project management.
    Quality assurance.
    Manufacturing planning and plant layout.
    Finding, specification, and negotiating with contract manufacturers.
    Various forms of documentation, standards and regulations research.
  • Product Development Services
    Product design and evaluations.
  • Help with Inventions
    see Product Development and Invention Advice

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